Television and Web Series

At the core of Across All Galaxies is a simple concept — a radio call-in show that deals with aliens, conspiracy theories and the paranormal. While that’s where the story originates, it also gives AAG a really broad canvas to paint from.

Across All Galaxies, the TV show

Imagine a sci-fi version of the Daily Show, where a paranormal spin is put on the news. Walking the line between improvised comedy and a talk show, guests from the real-world as well as characters from sci-fi, fantasy and horror television and film projects are invited in for a chat — think Fox Mulder coming in to talk about the search for his sister.

Engaging on social networks is a big part of Across All Galaxies. By leveraging the power of the paranormal online communities, AAG will use tweets and other social network posts to explore new themes and engage guests further. That passion will drive stories forward and give them life beyond the weekly television format.

Across All Galaxies, the web series

The online companion of AAG is Across All Galaxies Investigates — a web series and podcast spin-off. 5 to 7 minute documentary-style investigations into the strange stories and conspiracies AAG cooks up during the TV show. Think of it as Serial or RadioLab with a horror and sci-fi twist.


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Download the Across All Galaxies pitch book which includes concept art.

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