Gran Zed brings you into the technologically advanced world of a feisty grandmother and her two grandkids. Grandma loves to tinker with robotics and she uses science to show the kids a thing or two. Based on a book series created by Elvis Deane, Gran Zed is the animated series for the tech-hungry crowd.


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Description from the original book:

When robots all across the land won’t respect their given commands, GRAN ZED & ROB-0 are in the fight to face those bots and set things right. A quiet retirement isn’t in the cards for Gran Zed, a feisty grandma who likes to tinker with robotics. After building Rob-0, a clever robot companion, Gran Zed and her new friend find that their neighbour’s robots have gone on a rampage. With angry bots around every corner, Gran Zed and Rob-O will have to use their talents to get their mechanical friends back on track.

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