Director, Elvis Deane Interviewed by Quench Living

Quench knows it's cinema. After choosing Elvis Deane's Cinecoup project Across All Galaxies as one of their picks for the top 5, Quench decided to interview the director. Here are some quotes from the interview. You can read the full transcript at

I believe in aliens, I just don’t know that they would bother with us or even know we’re here.
Alex Proyas has long been my biggest inspiration — Dark City being my favorite film. Even when he directed more mainstream films like I, Robot or Knowing, there was a level of perfection in the visuals that I hope to one day achieve. As much as a good movie is about the story, a great story backed up with stellar visuals is what pushes a film into greatness.
We’ve put a lot of time and energy thinking about this movie universe to just abandon it. We already have plans for a web series and television show that are in the same universe, but can stand on their own within this world.