Watch Across All Galaxies Live: May 7, 2015, 8:30 pm Eastern

Live broadcasts are a tricky thing. Whether it’s brilliant or a disaster, they are always fun to watch. This Thursday, May 7th, at 8:30 pm Eastern, you’ll get to see Across All Galaxies Live.

This live streamed video broadcast is part of the CineCoup Film Accelerator, which was created to help Canadian indie filmmakers gain backing, both financially and socially, by tossing out the conventional film production process.

During the stream, the fictional radio show, Across All Galaxies will be played out live and without interruption (other than possible alien interference). You’ll hear about Messenger Prophecy Week and guests will provide tips on how to deal with your first close encounter with extraterrestrial life. So don’t miss it this Thursday, May 7th, at 8:30 pm Eastern.

Director Elvis Deane, writer Andrew Hopps and producer Sara Miller are the minds behind Across All Galaxies. Like many Canadian indie filmmakers, they are used to working with a small budget, but an alien movie requires a bit more — after all, aliens aren’t cheap, what with the interstellar commute. They’ve entered the project into the CineCoup 2015 competition, completing missions and gaining a fan-base that has helped them reach the top 30. 

The CineCoup Film Accelerator adopts a more social network friendly concept — throughout the competition, indie films like Across All Galaxies, High School Brawl, Namas-Die and their competitors, promote their projects with trailers, posters, conceptualization and more. CineCoup users vote, share and comment on the projects providing valuable feedback and creating buzz, until one project earns the $1M development deal.

Browse Across All Galaxies’s missions on their profile page, or sign up to their newsletter at Voting for the top 15 opens on Monday, May 4th.